Boiler rooms and boiler houses

Boiler rooms and boiler houses

We provide design, installation and maintenance services for automated boiler rooms, boiler houses, and heating systems

Automated boiler rooms are an integral part of the integrated heating system. The system is designed for effective regulation of the heat energy, according to the outside temperature and the needs of a customer.

Automated boiler rooms can be installed in:
  • residential buildings;
  • public buildings;
  • industrial buildings;

Automated boiler rooms

Automated boiler room is designed for heating the buildings and preparing the hot water, when heat is supplied from the district heating networks. The key advantages:

Automated boiler rooms can be installed in:
  • the selected temperature is maintained automatically;
  • energy savings for heating the buildings (the premises are not overheated in spring and autumn, the temperature is reduced at night);
  • energy savings for hot water preparation (the temperature of hot water is reduced at night);
  • automatic protection of the heating system against freezing;
  • even heating of the premises is ensured;
  • the required temperature of hot water is ensured;

Automated boiler rooms are compact, economical, easy to use and install, made of the highest quality products.

The main components:
  • electronic control unit;
  • control valve with electric drive for heating system;
  • control valve with electric drive for hot water system;
  • temperature sensor for return coolant;
  • temperature sensor for coolant supplied to the heating system;
  • outside air temperature sensor;
  • closing fittings;
  • hot water temperature sensor;
  • heat exchanger of the heating system;
  • heat exchanger for water heating (I or II degree);
  • heating system circulator pump;
  • hot water circulator pump;
  • expansion vessel of the heating system;
  • non-return, safety valves, filters, manometers and thermometers;
  • pressure drop control (if required);
  • heat meter;
  • inlet welded valves;

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